“Working with Mark these past years has been one of my life changing moments. From purchasing my first investment property to my now single property. The professional knowledge and the countless effort to explain everything in detail is what I most like about him and the services. Any question I had with my personal taxes he was there to answer them. He is basically family and has helped us tremendously in all aspects. Today, I am a Realtor for Keller Williams because of the tax professional involvement and his passion for his career. It made me find what I am passionate about and start my career in the Realty business for my family. Thank you, Mark.”
- Silenny R

“We contacted Mark of Nondia Tax in 2016 for help with prior tax years. We were nervous as new business owners and our accounting / payroll records were a mess. Mark assured us he could help, and made us comfortable through every step of the process. That was 5 years ago; Mark now handles all of our full-service tax prep and accounting needs; our records are current and immaculate. He tracks our growth, identifies ebbs and flows in sales revenue, generates comparisons with prior years / time of year to identify when our sales fluctuate and provides strategies and ideas to stabilize the slower periods. He has also consulted with us to help cut expenses, retirement strategies, researches and compares insurance & workman’s comp policies annually, and set us up with an awesome local payroll company. Most importantly he tracks our profits and losses, putting them in a professional format for us as owners to review as well as for presenting factual data to banks for business lending purposes. Mark is a phenomenal tax accountant, full-service advisor, and a general wealth of knowledge and business experience.”
- Justin S, Owner
Spark Electrician Services LLC

“I’ve been doing my taxes with Mark since 2011. Since that period of time, I went from just a W2 to become a homeowner and a business owner and all through the years he has been there to help me with any questions and concerns that I have. He has always taken his time to explain to me what every single line on my tax return means. The best part is that they are open all year long not only tax season the hours of operation and appointment availability are perfect you don’t have to go and wait for hours until your turn comes. Staff are very friendly and respectful. Once you walk in they greet you. I couldn’t have picked a better place and person to do all my taxes. Mark is awesome. His work is amazing. I couldn’t be happier.”
- Elizabeth D
E & D Auto Sales owner

“For years, Home Run Auto Sales has been using the tax preparation services at Nondia Tax. Mark has treated me like a business partner and not just a client. He has shown me year after year that he has our best interests in mind. I have recommended his services to friends and family, always. I really appreciate all you do for me and my business.”
- Yan Carlos R, Owner

“For over 10 years, I been preparing my personal tax and now my business tax at Nondia Tax. Mark has been very responsible and helpful. He always willing to answer any questions or concerns. Always taking that extra step to help out. Over the years I have recommended Mark services to my family and Friends.”
- Juan L, Owner
Metro Auto Sales, Lawrence MA

"I have worked with Mark Edmunds for almost 10 years. In that time, he has been nothing but prompt, professional and courteous. He takes the time to answer my questions and explain the process in a way for me to understand. He never treated me like just a client, always like a friend. I will continue to bring my business to him for years to come."
- Alexa A.

“Perfection. Thank you so much. You’ve been a tremendous help. I don’t know much in regards to taxes. So, knowing I have someone I can trust to help out each time is amazing. I hope you and your family have a great time on your Maine excursion and wish you all a happy and safe rest of the year. Thanks again!”
- Joel G

“For years I received the attention of Mark and Nondia in preparing my impuestos, I am happy and thankful for your work with me.”
- Doris D

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Mark Edmunds do my tax returns for years and would recommend him to anyone! Always professional and thorough and does an exquisite job every time. Although I’m an individual, he treats me like a multi-million-dollar corporation. He will get the job completed when he says he will if not sooner and always will run suggestions or advice to me before submitting the final return. Mark is a professional!”
- Steve C

“I’ve been with Mark for 10 years, going into 11 now. From when I started at taco bell at the age of 18 to now being a business owner, the process has always been smooth. Besides helping me with my taxes, he’s helped me consult with mortgage companies on my behalf and any other consulting needs. He’s all in one. I highly recommend his services. It’s always a clean and nice environment. I’d do everything with my eyes closed with him if I had to.”
- Esthenly M

“Me and my husband have been filing our taxes with Mark for years. It has been a great experience. Something we love is how clear and honest Mark is. Always making sure we understand the process! We definitely recommend this place to file your taxes if your looking for quality work, professionalism and great customer service!”
Thank you!
- Darlene M.

“As a small business we did our taxes ourselves for a few years. After meeting with Mark just once to help us with some questions we had, we were completely at ease with his extensive knowledge and experience in the field. It was clear he was the professional we could trust in this process as we was so willing to help guide us and educate us on tax laws. We find great comfort in working with Mark and appreciate how responsive he always is along with keeping us up to date with any changes
- Joseph N
JN Electric LLC.
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